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What Is Best To Record Your Gaming Videos - Blog By Ultimatefien15 - Ign

elgato vs The Hauppauge For the PS3, HDPVR2 comes with a PS3 Component Video gaming cable, while still using the HDMI out for no-delay pass-through to your HD TV set. The PVR also comes with a free software for you to edit your videos,create logos, and uplaod to a website of your choice. Also you can add music to your videos which is pretty cool. The Hauppauge has a square design with a button at the top to record your gameplay and a light-up band that goes around it. One bummer about this device is that you need a power supply.
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Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) Releases April 2014 Index | Reuters

A bill was recently introduced that would restore a ban on the market, including in states where it is already legal. However, these types of proposals do not seem to be gaining much support with opponents arguing legalization should continue to be decided by individual states. Assuming a ban does not move forward, Internet gambling is likely to continue to be a growing market space, providing growth opportunities for gaming equipment manufacturers and technology firms. The AGEM Index The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) produces the monthly AGEM Index that comprises 16 global gaming suppliers throughout the world. A total of 11 suppliers are based in the United States and are listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq, or AMEX, while two trade on the Australian exchange, one supplier trades on the Athens exchange, one trades on the Milan exchange, and another trades on the Taiwan OTC exchange.
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