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Music And Games Make Friends Again

Steam Music beta Now all these decisions about taste that you can express in an online game puts the control in the consumers hands instead of the game studio or publisher. Well see the return of the choose your own soundtrack model, with direct, immediate payment by the consumer at the time they hit play. At least some of that prediction looks like it may have come to pass thanks to the recent announcement of a new service by Valve Software called Steam Music , which allows gamers to listen to songs from their digital libraries on their computer while playing a game. But what makes this even more interesting is that the rumors persist that the company is currently testing integration with Spotify to give the gamer a much wider choice of music than ever before. That expectation causes shivers down the spines of music execs everywhere, as a closer collaboration with an industry as huge as gaming (which Gartner measured at almost $79 billion in 2012) could amount to a significant and much needed new revenue stream. Steam Music is a beta service of Steam, an iTunes-like marketplace for gamers, providing a central location to store both game data and digital purchases.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.forbes.com/sites/bobbyowsinski/2014/02/20/music-and-games-make-friends-again/

Free Online Game website offers $13,000 Reward to expose details on DDoS attack

The Wurn Online Game developer said: "We can offer 10,000 Euro for any tips or evidence leading to a conviction of the person responsible for this attack." Free OnlineGame service was already planning to change the server, but the DDoS attack made the gaming application offline for more than a day. "Shortly after todays update we were the target of a DDOS attack and our hosting provider had to pull us off the grid for now. We will be back as soon as possible, but things are out of our hands since their other customers are affected. As we wrote in a previous news post we are planning on changing hosting anyway, which should improve things for the future."Game Developer Rolf Jansson said . One of the Game Player posted "A DDOS attack is considered a "dumb" attack. [...] They simply control botnets (groups of innocent, unprotected computer users) to show their supposed strength.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://thehackernews.com/2014/02/free-online-game-ddos-attack-server-down19.html

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