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Vietnam: A Nation Of Online Gamers Dominated By Chinese And Korean Games

Soul and Vibe Interactive, Inc. Timeless Gems is Quickly Becoming Next Online Game Sensation, by BrokerBank Securities, Inc.

It is also the largest online games market by value in Southeast Asia, with sales of around $200 million in 2012, up from $150 million in 2011 and $120 million in 2009, according to one industry insider who didn't want to be named. But while the publishers are raking in the cash, developing games in Vietnam is difficult. Little home-grown "Gamers play many games but they don't play Vietnamese games," says 35-year-old Nguyen Tuan Huy, founder of one of the country's independent games developers, Emobi . Huy says most people play massively multiplayer online (MMO) and player kill (PK) games from China.
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Chinese netizens play online games and surf the Internet at an Internet cafe in Quanzhou county, Guilin city, south Chinas Guangxi Zhuang (Photo: Wang Zichuang) In the video game industry, digital distribution is the process of delivering video game content as digital information, without the exchange or purchase of new physical media. This process has existed since the early 1980s, but it was only with network advancements in bandwidth capabilities in the early 2000s that digital distribution became more prominent as a method of selling games. SOUL specializes in the creation of original intellectual properties and licensing brands from other companies. Its games in pre-production include The Wheaties Challenge, an adrenaline-charged arcade sports compilation; Bugaboo, an action-puzzle game; Grimwhiskers, a side scrolling, action game; a virtual-pet game; and The Dragon Wars, a character-driven battle game.
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