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Comedy In Video Games

Sure there are many games that have large elements of humour and games which are mostly renowned for being funny (Saint's Row 3&4 for example) but there are very few games that centre around being comedic. Saints Row badassery The typical type of humour found in games are tongue n cheek one liners or referential making nods towards the pop culture we are engrained in. While the one liners are usually funny and work a chuckle out of us they are just additions to the game and not vital components that the game could not survive without. There are thousands of movies and television shows dedicated solely to provide us with laughter, so why are there no games which aim exclusively to make us laugh? The short answer is that video games are very different to anything other format of entertainment, and unless the structure of video games dramatically changes, the concept of a comedy game fundamentally does not make sense. But there are ways that comedy can become a more prominent element in games.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/alanthegenerous_blog/archive/2014/01/06/comedy-in-video-games.aspx

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